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If your thinking and mindset is important to you, have you ever seen a psychologist?

Why? Because a psychologist can help you tackle the big issues and answer the hard questions. Like:

  • what is the psychology of performance and success and how does this help us?
  • How can we think better to do better?
  • How do we set our children up for success to cope with the increasingly high expectations of our times?

To answer these questions we’re talking to an expert who specialises in helping you to do the internal work that will help you enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life.

Tim Dansie is a registered teacher and psychologist. After failing year 11 and then not quite making it as an elite cricketer, Tim spent 12 years working in schools as a teacher and psychologist before establishing his own private practice where he now works with children, families, teachers and schools with his unique understanding and approach about what is required to improve a student’s education. He also has a special interest and skill in helping children with learning difficulties. 

And given his love of all things sport, he also works with elite level athletes, consulting to the Adelaide Football Club in the AFL and provides career guidance to Adelaide United in the A-League, along with a string of other elite international athletes across the full spectrum of sporting disciplines.

In our wide ranging and engaging discussion, Tim answers hey questions including:

  • What are the five secret principles to happiness?
  • How is success really defined?
  • What is the difference between good stress and bad stress?
  • What is a process thinker and why is this important to you?
  • Why is it important to be balanced and how can you achieve it?

If you are really serious about long term, sustainable success and you agree that success is an elite team sport, then you need a good psychologist on your side to get your head set right.

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