11. Katie Richards on Investing in Yourself and Earning Your Freedom

Katie Richards on Investing in Yourself and Earning Your Freedom

If you’re looking for inspiration to take that leap into a new way of life, look no further than this weeks episode of ‘Get Invested’. Look in the dictionary under high achiever and you’ll see a picture of my guest, Katie Richards. But it hasn’t always been a straight and smooth road for this country girl turned big-city lawyer turned Internet entrepreneur – and her story has some fantastic lessons for all of us.

In this broad-ranging and thought-provoking episode, we delve into the money lessons Katie learnt at a young age, the twists and turns of her career, overcoming a serious accident and corporate burnout, and how on earth she juggles running her own business – Virtual Legal – and building her new web venture, all while studying for her UK law exams and staying sane.

Here are just some of the subjects we touch on:

  •    Why Katie considers personal development her best investment
  •    Beating corporate disillusionment
  •    Turning your skills into a freedom business
  •    Disrupting the legal business online
  •    Building systems to get your time back
  •    The value of mindfulness
  •    Giving your health higher priority
  •    Unconventional ways of getting ahead in law and business
  •    Using DiSC behavioural profiling in business and life
  •    Successfully working with VAs in the Philippines
  •    Balancing fun and professionalism in the workplace
  •    Why difficult clients can be your best teachers
  •    Structuring your investments for tax effectiveness
  •    Personal development recommendations



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