22. Peter Finn on Financial Success, Life Success and Focusing on What is Truly Important

Making money for the right reasons: what does this entail? Peter Finn, Managing Director of Face Contracting and fellow podcaster, thinks you should make sure that you have a profound sense of fulfilment and peace of mind in your career and your personal life. Several years ago, Peter was immensely successful but still found himself depressed. So he saw a psychologist and reevaluated what was important in his life.

This practice of looking at what’s important in life is what the latest episode of the Get Invested podcast is all about. Peter and I had a great chat about what he’s learned throughout his career in the mining industry, and why fostering healthy relationships is the most important thing you can do.

We also talk about:

  • How making $70,000 at 17 years of age taught Peter some important lessons about financial responsibility
  • What you can do to achieve your ideal lifestyle
  • Why it’s crucial that you find something that makes you feel fulfilled in your work
  • What passive income can do for you
  • Why a good set of friends does wonders for your mental health
  • What it feels like when you live a life of purpose
  • The importance of tough conversations in relationships
  • Why you should make a roadmap of your financial future


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