17. Finding a Good Property Manager and Why It’s Key to Investment Success, with Lauren Robinson

A good property manager can be crucial in the success or otherwise of a property investment over the long term. But choosing the right one can be surprisingly difficult – so where do you start? What do look for? And what should you expect from a good property manager?

I’ve gone straight to the source on this episode of Get Invested. My guest is Lauren Robinson. The great thing about this chat with Lauren is that she comes to the topic from two perspectives, both as an award-winning property manager with her own successful business, Rental Results, and as a long-term property investor in her own right. In fact, when it comes to property management and investors, she wrote the book on the subject – it’s called Rented. And as you’ll hear, Lauren really knows her stuff.

Here’s just some of what we check off the list in this episode:

  •      What makes a good property manager
  •      Top tips for choosing a good one
  •      Why you should never self-manage a property
  •      The benefits of using a dedicated property manager
  •      How to minimise risks and maximise returns
  •      Why she doesn’t manage her investment properties
  •      The advantages of rent-vesting
  •      Co-ownership – risks and rewards
  •      Key reasons why landlords fail
  •      Thoughts on pet-friendly rentals



Lauren Robinson – LinkedIn
Rental Results
Book – Rented