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Where can you find the best independent forecasts and information for the year ahead in Australian property? Right here in this episode.

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As we continue our summer series in partnership with Realty Talk, Australia’s top online property show hosted by Bushy Martin, where we’ve been talking with independent industry leaders about where Australian property is heading in 2022, this episode we share insights from the 2022 Bricks & Mortar Media Property Market Forecasts report.

We kick off with an introduction and overview of the report by BMM’s Nicola McDougall, before sharing individual property projections by the Chair of the Property Investors Council of Australia, Ben Kingsley. This is followed by a great chat with Kevin Brogan from national valuers Herron Todd White who makes us aware of VESPAs, so you’ll have to listen in to find out what this is. Rich Harvey from Property Buyer then rounds out the show with his forecasts on what’s likely to occur on the east coast and beyond, in contrast to pessimistic outlooks by many bank economists.

And if you want to read all of the details from these and a host of other property experts, grab yourself a copy of the full BMM report by clicking here.

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