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There’s been a lot of noise about the Banking Royal Commission findings, but for many people questions still remain.

How is all this going to affect me? What if anything can I do about it? Who can give me honest objective answers on all of this?

Well, over the last few weeks I have been trying to identify someone who’s an expert observer on this important subject – someone independent who is intimately knowledgeable across the full spectrum of property, finance and wealth creation policies, practices and people. Someone who doesn’t have a vested interest.

And this is where today’s guest Alex Whitlock is perfectly positioned to give you all of the answers.

Alex is a Director of Momentum Intelligence, a multiple award winning media, information and market intelligence business that connects over a million of Australia’s professional services communities across the full range of property, real estate, finance, investment, wealth, retirement, legal, defence and Small to Medium Enterprise sectors. 

Momentum Intelligence is a leading provider of quantitative research to Australian business leaders. They’ve a proven track record of delivering actionable insights to leading financial intermediaries to help shape their strategic direction in complex markets.

Alex’s company has received four consecutive BRW Fast 100 rankings and is recognised as one of Australia’s fastest-growing and most progressive media businesses.

And Alex also walks the talk in the property arena, as an avid home owner and investor who has accumulated a joint multiple property portfolio currently worth over $7 million. In fact, we start our conversation by getting him to share the intimate details of his journey and learnings in property, so stay tuned.

I’ve been a big fan of Alex’s work and his hosting of a number of industry podcasts for a number of years now, including The Smart Property Investment show with his business partner Phil Tarrant.
I love his passion, his well-informed insights and his forthright, down to earth ‘tell it like it is’ approach – so there is no-one better to demystify the Banking Royal Commission.

And I can’t emphasise enough that we all have a very small window of opportunity to protect ourselves, by pestering and influencing politicians of all persuasions in the next few weeks before the Federal Election. And the quickest and easiest way to make a difference is to do two things:

  1. Join the recently formed Property Investment Council of Australia by visiting this website and paying just $5/yr to join and build the ranks of other everyday Aussie property owners, so that we have a united apolitical voice to educate and advocate with all governments and protect the interests of all like-minded hard working Australians.
  2. Jump on two separate websites to sign the petitions and use the easy tick boxes to email your local politicians – Just go to Keep Competition Alive and Broker Behind You.  

Please ask your family, friends and work colleagues to do this now.

Now we cover a lot of very important ground in this very interesting and in depth conversation today, so stick with us till the end – otherwise you will miss out on some real opportunities to protect yourself and your future in what is proving to be very interesting times in the short to medium term.

So do yourself a big favour and enjoy Alex Whitlock.

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