Some of us are rich, but are we wealthy? For Sean D’Souza, founder of marketing strategy company Psychotactics, wealth is having enough time on your hands to do what you want — whether that’s travelling, cooking, spending time with your family or anything else.

By all means, Sean is wealthy. He takes three months holiday every year, and spends plenty of time with his family and pursuing his hobbies. On the latest episode of the Get Invested podcast, Sean and I spoke about how his journey through life taught him what’s important and how anybody can simplify their life and put their energy towards what’s really important.

During the episode, we talk about:

  • Why Sean wakes up at 4 AM every day
  • The reason Sean doesn’t believe in inborn talent
  • How to find more time for vacation
  • How to become wealthy, not just rich
  • Why time is our biggest asset
  • The importance of finding a good teacher
  • How energy leads to confidence and skill
  • Why luck explains nearly everything




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