2. Tim Dwyer on Definitions of Success, Investment Frameworks and Designing a Successful Life

Keen to hear some tips and tricks for successful investing that lead to a secure and time-rich life? If so, I think you’re going to get a lot out of this week’s episode. My guest is the global director of Shirlaws Group and the founder of Growth Metrics Australia. His name is Tim Dwyer, and he’s a business coach, strategist and advisor who has mastered the art of helping small and medium-sized enterprises.

In our fascinating conversation, we followed Tim’s journey in business over the course of his decorated career. We dove deep into business philosophy, frameworks for investing and scaling a business, and approaches to money that lead to wealth and freedom. We also touched on how Tim approaches property investment and how he allocates his financial resources.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus:

  • The difference between flogging things and selling real solutions
  • The importance of operating on high margin and low volume
  • Tim’s ‘width and depth’ framework
  • Why Richard Branson is so famous, and how to emulate his branding approach
  • Tim’s biggest regret
  • The opportunity represented by the older generation divesting themselves of property
  • What the stock market as a whole can tell an individual business owner
  • The pitfalls of DIY-ing property investment


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1. Ronsley Vaz on Team Building, the School of Hard Knocks and the Value of Freedom

Our guest for the inaugural episode of the Get Invested Podcast is the founder of Amplify Marketing Agency, Ronsley Vaz. Beyond founding Amplify, Ronsley is the host of Bond Appetit and Should I Start A Podcast, which collectively have over four million listeners in 145 countries. He also sits on the board for freetoshine.org, an organisation that works to prevent sex trafficking.

Ronsley is an entrepreneur with an extremely diverse background ranging from DJing to financial advising to cooking to software development. Ronsley is an inspiring figure, a leader, mentor to many different people and an all-around good bloke. In our conversation, we talked about his journey, philosophy and the story behind Amplify. We also touched on pivotal moments in his career, lessons learned and what really makes him tick.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus things like:

  • Freedom defined, and why it’s so incredibly important to this generation
  • Why standardised education indoctrinates people into a fixed mindset
  • The biggest compliment Ronsley ever received
  • Why the ‘if you build it they will come’ is a false way to think
  • The power of relationships and good conversations
  • How to successfully marry commercial and artistic interests
  • Ronsley’s investment advice to his younger self
  • How to overcome the resistance of doing difficult things


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We Are Podcast
Bond Appetite
Should I Start a Podcast
Ronsley’s book, Amplify: Raise Your Voice, Boost Your Brand and Grow Your Business
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0. Introducing The Get Invested Podcast

‘Get Invested’ is the podcast dedicated to time-poor professionals who want to work less and live more. Join Bushy Martin, one of Australia’s top 10 property specialists, as he shares his know-how on the ways investing in property can unlock the life you always dreamed about and secure your financial future.

Bushy believes that if your property investment is structured in the right way it is the safest most affordable way to be able to live more and work less. ‘Get Invested’ will show you how you don’t need to compromise or sacrifice your lifestyle in the meantime to fund your financial freedom.

Each episode of ‘Get Invested’, Bushy talks with experts from all walks of life to uncover their secret know-how on where they invest their time, skills and money – and how it’s benefited them and others. Find out how property investment is more about regaining your time, so you can do what you want when you want while building your success.

‘Get Invested’ will show you the passion that Bushy has for building your future, and you will hear how he has amassed a multi-million dollar investment portfolio, he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

Unlock the life you want today and every day to get the best know-how on property investment from one of the industries leading specialists.‘Get Invested’ is the podcast you need to subscribe too as the best first step in your financial future and freedom.