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Kym Nitschke is an accountant, financial planner, a licenced builder and an active property investor. How many ‘accountant builders’ have you met?

He is, by definition, a maverick – an independently minded person and non-conformist who thinks outside the square and follows through.

Kym has built a strong property portfolio that affords him a great lifestyle including a beautiful property on acreage in the Adelaide Hills.

And he also owns and runs an accounting practice where he helps medical professionals and other intraprenuers and entrepreneurs to live by design and not by default.

In this insightful discussion you will learn:

  1. How he nearly walked away from property never to return after his first venture
  2. What he then learned about property that put him back on to the road to success
  3. His best tips on how to save tax

He is a great down to earth guy who calls it as it is, you’re sure to enjoy this interview with Kym Nitschke.

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More about Kym Nitschke:

Nitschke Nancarrow

Kym Nitschke, Accounting Insider

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