31. How Kevin Graham built wealth and a globetrotting lifestyle with online marketing

kevin graham online marketer

A little more than five years ago, Kevin Graham was living comfortably in Adelaide, South Australia, with a secure government job in IT.

He was dabbling in the local property market, and seemingly setting himself up nicely. But Kevin felt trapped on the treadmill and longed to break free.

Fast forward to today, Kevin is a globetrotting online entrepreneur currently based in idyllic Chiang Mai, Thailand. He’s built a strong, location independent business that gives him the freedom and flexibility to do what he likes, when he likes, where he likes.

How did he transform his life in such a short period of time? Kevin shares his story and insights with Bushy Martin.

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20. Andrew Griffiths on Finding the Positive in an Abusive Childhood, Valuing Self-Respect and Seeing the Gold in Others

Are you a better person than you were yesterday? This is the golden message of Andrew Griffiths, a bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur who has written upwards of 20 books and is requested to speak all over the world. Despite enduring endless mental, physical and emotional abuse as a child, Andrew has crafted a lifestyle built on positivity and freedom, and is a true inspiration to anyone who calls themselves an entrepreneur.

On the latest episode of the Get Invested podcast, Andrew and I spoke about his incredible journey and how he made the choice to be happy and successful. He is one of the few people that I can describe as having genuinely changed my life, and I am thrilled to be able to bring his wonderful perspective to more people. This is an episode you really won’t want to miss.

During the show we chat about:

  • How empathy helped Andrew through an abusive childhood
  • Why we all have the choice to make our lives better
  • How buying his first business as a teenager taught Andrew valuable life lessons
  • The importance of self-respect when it comes to work-life balance
  • Why writing a book is an incredible way to develop yourself
  • The power of smiling and saying hello
  • Key ways to generate passive income
  • Why you should strive to make every interaction valuable


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