If you’re keen to start your property investment journey on the right foot, while maintaining balance and harmony in your life, you’ll want to grab a pen and takes notes during this episode of Get Invested. My guest is Mike Reid, a Director at training and advisory company, Dent Global, a world-renowned organisation that helps entrepreneurs to stand out and scale up their businesses.

Mike is a man with wisdom beyond his years. And in this wide-ranging conversation, we’ll take a look at his journey so far, as a property investor with a growing portfolio, as an entrepreneur and influencer, and as a human being. Personally, I’m astounded by his insights at such a young age. I think you’ll agree there’s a lot we can learn from how he’s setting himself up and creating a success story that’s only going to get better and better.

In this inspiring episode, we cover:

  •       The limitations of traditional pathways and choosing entrepreneurship
  •       Choosing wealth for freedom and choice not materialism
  •       The power of surrounding yourself with entrepreneurial people
  •       Making an impact on clients’ businesses and in the world
  •       Mike’s approach to property investing, and how he got his start
  •       Developing income and wealth in parallel
  •       The importance of balance, patience and persistence
  •       Embracing time as a friend not a foe
  •       Some thoughts on property cycles
  •       Developing a property investment team
  •       Understanding yourself and your values when it comes to wealth creation



Mike’s website – mikejamesreid.com
Dent Global
Entrepreneurs’ Organization
Bushy’s book – The Freedom Formula

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