24. Doron Peleg on the Intersection of Data and Property Investment

While property is often touted as one of the safest means of investing your money, individual property markets can be incredibly fickle. But thanks to Doron Peleg and his team at RiskWise Property Research, we have some people who are using the power of data and algorithms to make property investment more of a science and less of a guessing game.

On this episode of Get Invested, Doron and I have a fruitful chat about the importance of rationality in investment. He’s an incredibly intelligent fellow and has a lot to say that will surprise you.

We also talk about:

  • Why historical data can be misleading
  • The usefulness of rationality, data and planning ahead
  • Why you should always be thinking in the long-term
  • Whether hotspots are really “hot”
  • Top insights into local Australian markets
  • How houses have always outperformed units in Australia’s property market
  • The many ways politics can affect the property market
  • Why couples can make great property investment teams



RiskWise Property Research

12. Successful Property Investing and Achieving Your Life’s Potential with Mike Reid

If you’re keen to start your property investment journey on the right foot, while maintaining balance and harmony in your life, you’ll want to grab a pen and takes notes during this episode of Get Invested. My guest is Mike Reid, a Director at training and advisory company, Dent Global, a world-renowned organisation that helps entrepreneurs to stand out and scale up their businesses.

Mike is a man with wisdom beyond his years. And in this wide-ranging conversation, we’ll take a look at his journey so far, as a property investor with a growing portfolio, as an entrepreneur and influencer, and as a human being. Personally, I’m astounded by his insights at such a young age. I think you’ll agree there’s a lot we can learn from how he’s setting himself up and creating a success story that’s only going to get better and better.

In this inspiring episode, we cover:

  •       The limitations of traditional pathways and choosing entrepreneurship
  •       Choosing wealth for freedom and choice not materialism
  •       The power of surrounding yourself with entrepreneurial people
  •       Making an impact on clients’ businesses and in the world
  •       Mike’s approach to property investing, and how he got his start
  •       Developing income and wealth in parallel
  •       The importance of balance, patience and persistence
  •       Embracing time as a friend not a foe
  •       Some thoughts on property cycles
  •       Developing a property investment team
  •       Understanding yourself and your values when it comes to wealth creation



Mike’s website – mikejamesreid.com
Dent Global
Entrepreneurs’ Organization
Bushy’s book – The Freedom Formula

10. Josh Masters on Making Smart Investments and Letting Your Money Grow

Property is often pegged as one of the best ways to make money. It’s a real, tangible asset, and is less likely to fluctuate wildly like other forms of investment (we’re looking at you, Bitcoin).  On this episode of the Get Invested podcast, Josh Masters and I chat about how he got into the property business, what investors should look for in potential neighbourhoods and how to plan for your financial future.

Josh has nearly 20 years of experience in the Australian property market. He is a Buyer’s Agent at BuySide Buyers Agency in Sydney and author of Why Property Why Now. Together we talk about our shared love of investment, personal growth and financial planning — along with some of the pitfalls that can pop up along the way.

Listen to the full episode to hear this, plus things like:

  • How to spot high-value investment areas
  • Why experts like buyer’s agents can help you boost your return
  • The importance of self-growth and personal education
  • How to use analytics to your advantage
  • Josh’s unlikely story that led him to property investment
  • How to let time work for you
  • The power of perseverance
  • How not to get trapped by popular trends



Josh Masters – LinkedIn
Buy Side
Why Property Why Now – Amazon