31. How Kevin Graham built wealth and a globetrotting lifestyle with online marketing

kevin graham online marketer

A little more than five years ago, Kevin Graham was living comfortably in Adelaide, South Australia, with a secure government job in IT.

He was dabbling in the local property market, and seemingly setting himself up nicely. But Kevin felt trapped on the treadmill and longed to break free.

Fast forward to today, Kevin is a globetrotting online entrepreneur currently based in idyllic Chiang Mai, Thailand. He’s built a strong, location independent business that gives him the freedom and flexibility to do what he likes, when he likes, where he likes.

How did he transform his life in such a short period of time? Kevin shares his story and insights with Bushy Martin.

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25. Tom Hector on Becoming One of South Australia’s Most Successful Real Estate Agents

The latest episode of Get Invested is one you might not want to listen to while driving or doing something else. Instead, you might want to sit down with a pen and some paper to take notes.

Our guest, Tom Hector, is one of South Australia’s most successful real estate agents, having sold more than 200 properties in the past year. If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. Tom has an incredible eye for the real estate market and knows how to leverage relationships to get the best prices possible for his clients.

Tom and I spoke for close to an hour on a number of fascinating topics, including plenty of inside tips for making the real estate market work for you. This is one you definitely won’t want to miss.

During the episode, we talk about:

  • The insane work culture behind real estate
  • How to select a real estate salesperson
  • The best way to build real relationships
  • Why the real estate game is “all mental”
  • Insider property knowledge for South Australia
  • How Tom’s past failures influence his current view on the market
  • What good investors are doing in Australia
  • Finding sustainable work-life balance


Tom Hector – Harris Real Estate

24. Doron Peleg on the Intersection of Data and Property Investment

While property is often touted as one of the safest means of investing your money, individual property markets can be incredibly fickle. But thanks to Doron Peleg and his team at RiskWise Property Research, we have some people who are using the power of data and algorithms to make property investment more of a science and less of a guessing game.

On this episode of Get Invested, Doron and I have a fruitful chat about the importance of rationality in investment. He’s an incredibly intelligent fellow and has a lot to say that will surprise you.

We also talk about:

  • Why historical data can be misleading
  • The usefulness of rationality, data and planning ahead
  • Why you should always be thinking in the long-term
  • Whether hotspots are really “hot”
  • Top insights into local Australian markets
  • How houses have always outperformed units in Australia’s property market
  • The many ways politics can affect the property market
  • Why couples can make great property investment teams



RiskWise Property Research

23. Tyrone Shum on Sharing The Wisdom of Top Property Investors Through Podcasting

Successful people in all walks of life exhibit some common traits. You’ll find that most are lifelong learners. They’re always questioning. They’re often big readers, and always seek out knowledge – improving and honing their skills.

But most of all they’re not afraid to reach out to the best of the best in their field and learn from them. It’s a trait that my guest Tyrone Shum on this episode of Get Invested – has turned into an art form. Tyrone is host of the hugely popular Property Investory podcast. In essence, he picks the brains of the crème de la crème in the property investment game so you and I can benefit from their experience and knowledge.

Tyrone’s own story – from real estate agent to digital marketing guru, nomad entrepreneur to top podcast host and budding property developer – is an inspiration in itself.

Here are some of the brain-filling goodies you’ll get from my chat with Tyrone:

  • Why knowledge is nothing without action
  • Distilling the wisdom of property experts through their stories
  • The value of applying just-in-time learning
  • The power of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Building an audience and impacting the lives of thousands
  • The inspiration of Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Moving from property investing to property development
  • Avoiding analysis paralysis
  • Living the digital nomad life funded by passive income
  • Why there’s not such thing as the property market (Hint: It’s got a lot to do with emotion)
  • Common strategies of top property investors


Property Investory
Books mentioned:
Rich Dad Poor Dad
The 4-Hour Workweek
The Alchemist
The Barefoot Investor
The 5 Second Rule
The Million-Dollar One-Person Business
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